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How to avoid conflict with police when pulled over...

Aug 14, 2017

Police don't like to hear these words:


"I'm Going to Remain Silent"

"Am I Free to Go?"

"I Don't Consent to a Search"


...but it is your right to use them...


Your Rights At Traffic Stops And Rights With The Police:

1. Your Safety - When being pulled over by the police pull over to a safe place, turn off your ignition, stay in your vehicle and keep your hands on the steering wheel. Try to stay calm and in control. At night turn on the interior light. If you're told to get out of your vehicle and you do not feel safe you have the right to ask for another officer to respond and you can let the officer know you will be rolling up your window and waiting in the car in the meantime. 

2. Right to record - You have the right to record any and all interactions with a police officer and they do NOT have the right to take or search your phone, or ask you to turn it off. However, do not intigate an officer with the recording, simply perch your phone on your dahsboard and let the officer know that s/he is being recorded and that it is your consititutional right to do so. 

3. Don't Answer Any Questions - The Supreme Court says you should never talk to the police before or after you’ve been arrested. To remain silent you must tell the police one time, "I'm going to remain silent."

The officer will usually ask questions like, 'Do you know why I pulled you over?' or 'How fast do you think you were going?" Stay calm and be respectful, but don't answer any question. Anything you say can and will be used against you at anytime by the police or the government. 

4. Am I Free To Go? - As soon as the police officer ask you a question ask him, "AM I FREE TO GO?" You have to ask if you're FREE TO GO,"otherwise the courts have ruled that you're voluntarily sticking around to talk to the police. An officer is only legally allow to detain you for 15 min or less.


Most important is do not instigate police. Be respectful but know your rights and politely execute them.  


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