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Def Poetry Jam Throw Backs

Jul 25, 2017


The industry, man it's not the same


The industry; it's not a fucking game


The industry; real niggas s dying to get in


The industry; just definte they don't fit in


The industry, ain't what it used to be


The industry; trying to control the way you MC


They want you to dress like that this and talk like that


But I'm gon' dress like this an talk with the gat


The industry; got y'all word meaning nothing


The industry; fuck what you heard cause he's bluffing

The industry; money, bitches, hate

But I dare you to try to take a fucking thing off my plate

The industry like "Wait!", but in the streets we like "Get 'em"

Set 'em feed up in that thing, catch 'em sleeping and hit 'em


And Ima pop whoever with 'em, the coroner is coming to get 'em

Industry niggas, so that's how I did 'em


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